About Us

The Founder and Creative Director, Jermelle F. Pitts, drew inspiration for 1969 Beauty from his mother, as she was the reason he fell in love with beauty and fashion at such an early age.  “ When I think about her generation I would describe it as timeless and edgy. I wanted that image and feel for 1969 Beauty. The exact year 1969 was selected because Pitts' mother also described as his hero was born in 1969. I didn’t want to create a brand that is super trendy, but one that was timeless, chic, fun, flirty and here to stay for generation after generation,” says Pitts. 

Jermelle takes pride in being a cosmetics designer, pop culture entrepreneur and paying extremely close attention to detail. Pitts is involved in every aspect of 1969 Beauty from quality control of the product to the aesthetic of packaging. He truly leaves his mark in each step of the process. As a creative director Jermelle's career has been displayed on the Oxygen network, Style, Bravo, VH1, MTV, B.E.T., Audrey Magazine, Be Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, PYNK magazine, WhoWhatWear, Sheen Magazine and Jones Magazine to name a few. 1969 Beauty allows clients to flawlessly transform their entire look from day to evening.