About Us

     The Founder and Chief Excutive Officer, Jermelle F. Pitts, drew inspiration for 1969 Beauty from his mother, as she was the reason he fell in love with beauty and fashion at such an early age. “When, I think about her generation. I would describe it as timeless and edgy. I wanted that image and feel for 1969 Beauty.” The year 1969 was selected because Pitts' mother also often described as his shero was born in 1969. “I didn’t want to create a brand that is super trendy, but one that is timeless, chic, notable, flirty and here to stay for generation after generation,” says Pitts. 

     Jermelle is a Pop Culture Entrepreneur, wardrobe stylist and Creative Director. He got his start in the business as the Creative Director for the Houston, Texas based beauty brand Body of Royalty. He is currently the Creative Director for Singer and Songwriter Brooke Valentine. Jermelle is also an in-house stylist and buyer for The Fitting Room LA. Throughout Jermelle’s career his work has been displayed on the Oxygen network, FOX, Style, Bravo, VH1, MTV, B. E. T., Houston Business Journal, Audrey Magazine, Be Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, FashionBomb Daily, PYNK magazine, Vibe, WhoWhatWear, Sheen Magazine and Jones Magazine and countless celebrities. Jermelle has a passion for helping clients keep their look up to date and relevant.